Marston and Brunt Art Studio's collaboration with Art Imprinted was born out of friendships, love of expressive fashion, and the beauty of art.


We feel lucky to create a product that puts a smile on faces from ages 9 to 90. As a resident of Venice Beach, California, Patrick Marston lives and works in his passion. Venice is the inspiration for the brand, as the carnival atmosphere celebrates roller skating, sea life, vintage signs, wind up toys, and ferris wheel dreams. Venice is where being playful is encouraged, and this brilliantly pops off our apparel. We believe clothes do make the individual. While wearing Patrick Marston’s art, it smiles out to the world from the one who wears it, and in return people smile back, making our mission complete. 


Longtime friendships and coastal collaboration with Art Imprinted has allowed Marston and Brunt Art Studio to branch out above the canvas to apparel and beyond. We are excited to continue to create new products and grow engaging and sustainable partnerships with various brands around the world.


O U R M I S S I O N... is to spread P O S I T I V I T Y through a wearable canvas designed using the original artwork of Patrick M A R S T O N.

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